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Cubs Win District Handicraft Competition

Today was the annual Guildford West District Cub Scout Handicraft competition. This years task was to make a model of a fun fair. With some excellent competition from 6 other teams around the District, it was great that our team triumphed, for only the third time since the competition started in 1992!

Cubs News – November 2014

The Cubs have had a busy term, we started off when the nights were still light building fires and cooking twists on them and learning how to navigate with a compass. They also learnt how to build a newmarket ballista and then had a competition to attack each other sixes castles. 12 Cubs attended our […]

Cub Camp 2014

12 Cubs enjoyed a weekend camping at the Scout Hut from the 3rd to the 5th of October 2014. Friday Night The Cubs arrived at 6:30, and after helping to start put up their tents, went and joined in with the Scout meeting, whilst Akela, Shere Khan and a number of parent volunteers finished putting […]

Desert Island Pioneering

The Cubs have continued to test their backwoods skills this week, following on from last weeks shelter building and fire lighting/cooking two weeks ago. This week each six was given a box containing: 6 wooden pegs 1 mallet 4 lengths of rope 1 washing up bowl Their task was to imagine they were stranded on […]

Cubs Build Shelters

Tonight, after a wide game in the woods, the Cubs were set the task of making a waterproof shelter big enough for their whole six to sit in. Given they only had 40 minutes to construct it, the results were very good, although some were much more waterproof than others. Clearly some of the Cubs […]

Cubs Reports – 2010 AGM

We currently have 18 Cubs in the pack, which is down slightly on this time last year. We’re now in a reversed situation to last year, with lots of Cubs having moved or shortly moving up to Scouts, but not that many coming up from the Beaver section. During the summer holiday last year, our […]

Cub Handicraft Competition 2009

On the 24th of November we entered a team into the Guildford West District Cub Handicraft Competition. One of our Cubs also joined 5th Guildfords team to make up the numbers. This year the competition was slightly different, rather than being given a wide range of materials and a theme of what to make, the […]

Cub Cooking Competitions

On the 3rd of October we entered two teams into the Guildford West District Cub Cooking Competition. The challenge was to cook a two course meal from scratch on gas burners with ingredients costing less than £5. The only other stipulation was that the recipe had to consist of the core ingredients as set out […]

Cubs Report – 2009 AGM

We currently have 20 Cubs in the pack, which is down slightly on this time last year. As I mentioned this time last year, we have a predominantly young pack, so have not had many moving up to Scouts in the last year; this situation is now changing, but it won’t be until next year […]

Cubs Report – October 2008

Currently we have 20 in the pack, with 1 linking to Scouts. There are a number of Beavers waiting to start at Cubs, however it is not known exactly how many (at least 3 due and a couple more later in the term), due to Amanda not having been given the records. Due to the […]