Cub Cooking Competitions

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On the 3rd of October we entered two teams into the Guildford West District Cub Cooking Competition. The challenge was to cook a two course meal from scratch on gas burners with ingredients costing less than £5.

The only other stipulation was that the recipe had to consist of the core ingredients as set out by County. These being; potato, pasta or rice, onion, mushrooms, at least 1 fresh vegetable, meat, fish or tofu, and fresh fruit. Other items could be added but had to be within budget.

Both our teams cooked the same two courses of Akela’s devising:

  • Fruity Pork Meatballs with Onion and Mushroom Mash and Courgette
  • Vanilla rice with a fresh strawberry sauce

Both our teams did very well, with one of them winning the competition, meaning they went through to the (county) regional final.

More information and pictures of all teams dishes can be found in the Cub Scout Cooking Competition 2009 report on the Guildford West Website

County Regional Final

On the 24th of October 2009, the winning team from Normandy went through to the regional final against 4 neighbouring districts. On the day the only other district that turned up was Godalming, and unfortunately (for us) they won and went through to the County final.

That said both our teams did exceptionally well as the dishes they prepared from scratch involved a lot more work than other entries.