Cubs Report – October 2008

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Currently we have 20 in the pack, with 1 linking to Scouts. There are a number of Beavers waiting to start at Cubs, however it is not known exactly how many (at least 3 due and a couple more later in the term), due to Amanda not having been given the records. Due to the fact that I am now the only Cub leader after Barbara resigned and David went to University, I am not in a position to accept any of the Beavers into the Pack, and have also had to turn away (or rather indicate that a position was not immediately available) at least 3 young people from outside the group.

District Camp -15 camped, 1 attended for the Saturday. I would like to thank Mr Prime and Mr Chambers (or Lofty and Shere Khan as they’re now called) for helping out over the weekend, without them to bring up our leader/young person ratio we couldn’t have camped. I would also like to again thank Mr Pick for transporting our equipment to and from the camp.

The camp as a whole was enjoyed by all, and the “late summer” weather certainly made it quite pleasant. On Saturday the Cubs took part in a number of activities with other Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from the district. Amongst other things the activities included Air Rifle shooting, Archery, Climbing, Go-Karting and Canoeing. On the Sunday 10 of the Cubs took part in a cooking competition – both managed to produce Spaghetti Bolognese and Fruit Salad with minimal assistance – however it has to be said one of the Bolognese dishes did have some heavy charcoal overtones.

This term I have revised the programme to fit in with the new Cub Scout Programme – those Cubs who turn up to every meeting will obtain their Community Challenge, DIY and Emergency Aid stage 2 badges. Thanks to Carole, we will be visiting St Mark’s church before Remembrance Sunday, which will count towards the Cub’s My Faith and Community Challenges. We have also done some of the requirements for the Promise Challenge, on that note next week we will have another Sixers planned/run evening which will involve indoor bivouac building (with bamboo and newspaper).
We are also planning on putting on a Christmas show with the Beavers on the 4th of December, at which each section will put on a show.

Looking further ahead I am planning to camp at Bentley again next year, although this is somewhat dependent upon our Leader situation at that point in time. That said we do have a number of very keen parents, who whilst they can’t due to work assist regularly on a Monday evening, are willing to camp and help out with activities – one father actually enjoyed just pegging out tents!

We have the District Handicraft Competition later this term and will be trying to retain the shield for the third year in a row.