The Cub Scouts Section is for young people aged 8-10.5 years.

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Code of Conduct

All Cubs attending 1st Normandy agree to abide by the Pack Code of Conduct, which has been drawn up by the Cubs and the Leaders.

Cub of the Month Award

In 2007 to celebrate the centenary of Scouting, we set the Cubs 100 challenges over the course of the year, with those who completed the most challenges winning a prize at the end of the year.

Now instead of setting a number of challenges each month, we award the Best Cub Trophy at the end of each month, to the Cub who performs best.


More information on the various badges Cubs can work towards either by themselves or as part of our programme, can be found on the Badges page. This page also contains information on where various badges should be sewn onto the uniform in addition to links (at Scoutbase) to the requirements for the various activity badges that can be achieved.