Cub Camp 2014

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12 Cubs enjoyed a weekend camping at the Scout Hut from the 3rd to the 5th of October 2014.

Friday Night

The Cubs arrived at 6:30, and after helping to start put up their tents, went and joined in with the Scout meeting, whilst Akela, Shere Khan and a number of parent volunteers finished putting up the tents in the dark! Around 8pm, after the Cubs had made popcorn with the Scouts on gas burners, the tents were up and they unpacked. After the Scout meeting finished the Cubs had a light supper of Hot Dogs, followed by Hot Chocolate, before heading off to be at 10. Most of them were asleep after an hour, and Akela was quite impressed that he only had to get up once to have a word!


After a breakfast of Cereal, Bacon, Scrambled Egg and Spaghetti Hoops the Cubs had a kit inspection. They then gathered some wood for both the camp fire and the altar fire that their dinner would be cooked on.

The Cubs then headed out in their tent groups for a quick hike to the village football pitch. Whilst the leaders with them knew where they were going, all the Cubs had to go on was a list of compass bearings and landmarks to head to. All the groups got there very quickly, but unfortunately the promised heavy rain had arrived, so instead of the planned game of football, the leaders decided an extended hike was in order.


We headed north, via the cricket pitches to Dolley’s Hill and then onto the Ranges. The red flags were out, so we took a slight detour across a few boggy areas (around Whitepatch Bottom), which were expertly navigated by one of the sixers, who seemed particularly adept at finding the best route across the various water hazards.


All the Cubs banded together in some cases carrying each other!

The Cubs carried on to the top of Lookout hill, where we stopped for a much needed shelter from the rain and for a refreshment break, including some lovely cakes made by one the Cubs.


We then started to head back, but on the way had a game of Capture the Flag amongst the pine trees. Spot the Cubs in the picture above!

Shere Khan headed back ahead of the rest of us to get a lunch of Spaghetti Bolognaise and Spaghetti ready.

The Cubs then spent the afternoon working on their Naturalist badge: trying to find at least 6 different tree leaves around the grounds (I think the record find was 10), surveying the stream for life (at least one baby fish was found) and making a collage from scavenged leaves, twigs and other items about the camp.

After another tea and cake break, the Cubs found more wood for the Camp fire, whilst Akela started the Altar fire for dinner (and dried out the wood!)

The cubs then had a game of Sardines, before a dinner of baked potatoes (cooked on the fire), sausages, beans, followed by baked apples and chocolate filled bananas (again cooked on the altar fire).

Akela then went to get the Campfire alight, which despite most of the wood being quite wet due to the heavy rain didn’t take long at all, and only required a small amount of shredded paper & dried kindling to get it going.


Once the fire was ready, the Cubs finished their card games with Shere Khan and headed down for a number of campfire song favourites.

A particular highlight was the Cubs unaccompanied rendition of Ging Gang Goolie.


When the singing was done, the Cubs toasted some marshmallows, before heading back inside for hot chocolate and biscuits before heading off to bed for an early night. By ten there was not a whisper around the campsite!



After a much colder night, the Cubs were still fast asleep at 7am, but Akela was already up making a breakfast of cereal, Eggy bread, bacon, beans and spaghetti hoops.

Then, following a quick kit inspection, it was time to strike the camp and pack all the tents away prior to the Cubs going home at 11.

Akela would like to thank the other leaders and all the parents who helped during the weekend, putting up the tents, and during the days helping with activities/cooking/washing up. As always without this assistance we would wouldn’t be able to provide the Cubs with so many activities.