Desert Island Pioneering

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The Cubs have continued to test their backwoods skills this week, following on from last weeks shelter building and fire lighting/cooking two weeks ago.

This week each six was given a box containing:

  • 6 wooden pegs
  • 1 mallet
  • 4 lengths of rope
  • 1 washing up bowl

Their task was to imagine they were stranded on a desert island and that they needed a clothes line to dry their neckerchiefs on, a scraper to clean their shoes on and a way to keep their drinking water (in the washing up bowl) up off the ground.

The results were quite varied, some sixes had very good washing lines, but rickety water holders. The foot scrapers were surprisingly inventive, with good use of rope being made – although one sixes design had to be changed when it was pointed out they’d probably trip over it quite often!