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Explorers Report – October 2008

At present there are 7 Explorer Scouts and 3 leaders. We have had a busy summer other than our unit meetings with the Explorers helping out at Scoutabout in June and District camp just last weekend. Summer camp was full on, starting with cycling to and from camp including an extended ride on the train. […]

Scouts Report – October 2008

The Troop had a successful summer camp at Stoughton, just outside of Emsworth, along with the explorer scouts. Although only a small number of Scouts went (five) all had a good time and were able to try sailing as a new activity, mountain boarding, long distance cycling, hiking and canoeing. We had a Scalextric evening […]

Cubs Report – October 2008

Currently we have 20 in the pack, with 1 linking to Scouts. There are a number of Beavers waiting to start at Cubs, however it is not known exactly how many (at least 3 due and a couple more later in the term), due to Amanda not having been given the records. Due to the […]