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Beavers Report – November 2007

We started the term with 19 Beavers. 3 have moved up to Cubs. Of five new Beavers one has dropped out and so I will be investing 4 new Beavers next week. This term has been travelling “Around the World”. We have made passports complete with photos and have these stamped with each new country […]

Explorers Report – November 2007

There are 6 Explorers at present and 3 leaders. This is quite a fall in numbers over the last year, with Explorers mainly moving on due to age and other overlapping activities. Our main event was to go to “Awesome 07” at Glanusk park in Wales. This was a activity camp run on a mini […]

Scout Report – November 2007

The troop at present has 16 scouts. We lost four scouts at the end of the summer term. The troop had a successful summer camp in August returning to Plymouth. During the week the scouts went hiking, sailing, cycling and sea fishing. We even managed to catch loads of fish to barbecue in the evening. […]

Cub Report – November 2007

Carole having taken a break from Scouting in the trinity term, decided that the time was right for her to pass on the leadership of the Cub section. I would like to personally thank her for all her years of running the Cub pack, both recently and when I was a Cub there myself (which […]