Beavers Report – November 2007

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We started the term with 19 Beavers. 3 have moved up to Cubs. Of five new Beavers one has dropped out and so I will be investing 4 new Beavers next week.

This term has been travelling “Around the World”. We have made passports complete with photos and have these stamped with each new country we visit. We have been to USA, Australia & India. We have made & eaten food from each country – always popular. We are currently in India talking about Diwali – making latterns – willow frames and tissue paper continents glues on to represent the world. We will visit Russia next as we support a charity “Love Russia”. Jim from Love Russia is coming to talk on 27.11.07. We are asking them to bring in “pants and a pound”. Jim will explain how the (new) underwear will be taken to orphanages in Russia for the children who often don’t have enough underwear.

Next term will be my last as Yellow Beaver and despite letters to everyone currently in Beavers and on the waiting list only one parent has contacted me to find out what is involved. She unfortunately won’t have the time to run the colony but will help with some admin – badges etc.

The planters at the front of the hut did well in the summer and now the right hand one looks messy. Next week I hope the Beavers will help to put the strawberry runners in from the left hand one. If anyone has any old bags of compost – we will need as much as possible to raise the levels as they dropped considerably after the Beavers planted them back in May. Just leave the bags (however big or small) next to the right hand planter. We bought six bags of compost in the spring to enrich & top up the soil I provided and it would be good not to have to spend out on more.