2009 Group Scout Leaders Report

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All the sections have continued to provide a range of activities through out the year…

The Beaver section struggled at the beginning of the year while we tied to find a new leader, my thanks to the ADC Beavers for support during this time. Thankfully by July Amanda had volunteered / been persuaded to take over as our new Beaver leader. Kathy agreed to stay on as an assistant leader and the colony started to pick up again. As can be seen by what the Beavers have been doing and the number of young people on the waiting list wishing to join.

The Cubs also struggled at the beginning of the year due to Barbara leaving and David moving away to university. This left Alexis on his own relying on support from the district and other uniformed leaders when ever possible. My special thanks to Carol the ADC Cubs Scouts for her support. Alexis has now been joined by Susanne as our new ACSL. Both sections rely on parents help each week to be able to maintain the programmes and Scout / adult ratio’s – thanks to all parents who have helped and are about to help over the next year.

The Scout Troop continues to do well thanks to Bill and Chris – any new help is always welcome.

Explorers as we have heard are going up in numbers and have participated in a number of different activities though out the year, including a survival skills evening preparing rabbits to cook over an open fire – Look great from a distance !

Numbers of Scouts have fluctuated in all sections through out the year we have a total membership of 60 young people within the group. Of course we are always looking for new members particularly in the Scout and Explorer Scout sections.

My thanks go to Dorothy and the members of the executive committee who have worked hard through out the year we have had successful fund raising events, work party day at the HQ and have re –wired the old hut. The committee is now working on plans to raise funds to develop this building and the old huts for toilets showers and storage.

A final thanks to all who have helped in any way through out the year. And of course to all the young people who make the group what it is.