Explorers Report – March 2009

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There are 8 Explorers at present and 3 leaders. We have 4 other potential explorers giving us a try at the moment.

Everyone is still full of enthusiasm and it is unusual for any of the Explorers to miss a unit meeting or event.

Techno challenge was undertaken by Scouts and Explorers from the district and a great time was had by all with the noise level going sky high as the day came to a close. The level of driving and reliability of the cars was another matter all together! Our Explorers were very dignified in allowing the scouts to beat them. Well done to Wood Street overall winners. Thanks to Peter for organising.

Our Monopoly challenge was a great success held over a lovely weekend. We were joined by Peter’s old scout group Explorers from East Anglia. They were all let loose in London with a travel card to find and photograph all the sites and features on the Monopoly board. They all got back to Waterloo on time having had a enjoyable and confidence building day out. We all returned to the HQ to spend the night being amused by pictures taken during the day.

We have recently run a base for the District Scout night hike providing a red nose, bomb disposal and a bit of a shock for the Scouts.

Network held a quiz evening for us and we have been experimenting with camera techniques.

We are looking forward to our plans for the coming year including:-

  • Young leader training
  • Over night hikes
  • Survival camp
  • FOD Camp
  • K9 in Switzerland
  • Awesome camp in Wales