2009 Group Scout Leaders Report

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All the sections have continued to provide a range of activities through out the year…

The Beaver section struggled at the beginning of the year while we tied to find a new leader, my thanks to the ADC Beavers for support during this time. Thankfully by July Amanda had volunteered / been persuaded to take over as our new Beaver leader. Kathy agreed to stay on as an assistant leader and the colony started to pick up again. As can be seen by what the Beavers have been doing and the number of young people on the waiting list wishing to join.

The Cubs also struggled at the beginning of the year due to Barbara leaving and David moving away to university. This left Alexis on his own relying on support from the district and other uniformed leaders when ever possible. My special thanks to Carol the ADC Cubs Scouts for her support. Alexis has now been joined by Susanne as our new ACSL. Both sections rely on parents help each week to be able to maintain the programmes and Scout / adult ratio’s – thanks to all parents who have helped and are about to help over the next year.

The Scout Troop continues to do well thanks to Bill and Chris – any new help is always welcome.

Explorers as we have heard are going up in numbers and have participated in a number of different activities though out the year, including a survival skills evening preparing rabbits to cook over an open fire – Look great from a distance !

Numbers of Scouts have fluctuated in all sections through out the year we have a total membership of 60 young people within the group. Of course we are always looking for new members particularly in the Scout and Explorer Scout sections.

My thanks go to Dorothy and the members of the executive committee who have worked hard through out the year we have had successful fund raising events, work party day at the HQ and have re –wired the old hut. The committee is now working on plans to raise funds to develop this building and the old huts for toilets showers and storage.

A final thanks to all who have helped in any way through out the year. And of course to all the young people who make the group what it is.

Scouts Report – 2009 AGM

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We have continued to provide a varied activity programme throughout the year for the Scouts including, canoeing, caving, climbing, sailing, tree planting, camping, hiking, fun and games, and Scout skills training.

We joined Scouts from all over Surrey for Scoutabout in June, an activity camp for 3000 based at Ardingly show ground.

We had our annual week end camp to the Forest of Dean over the first May Bank Holiday weekend: An event which is looked forward to by all as a great starter for the summer.

Six Scouts joined the Explorers for our annual summer camp at Stoughton, West Sussex. All Scouts were able to canoe, sail, cycle, mountain board, and have a slot car racing evening competition. As well as camp fire Bar-Be-Que and on site activities a good time was had by all.

In September we went to Runways End for the district activity camp and scout cooking completion which one of our Patrols lead by Scott L managed to win “well done all”

We took part in the district ‘Techno’ challenge afternoon with Scouts and Explorer Scouts from the district. (Ask our explorers who had the best car?)

In March, we had 4 teams in the District night hike which was enjoyed by all with Scott’s Team again coming out on top.

Numbers have been steadily increasing through out the year and we are now at 20 scouts in the troop the highest number for several years which will increase again September.

8 Scouts and myself are looking forward to the county expedition to Kandersteg in August which we shall report back on next year.

My thanks to Bill and Chris for their support running the troop through out the year. And all others who have helped in any way.

Cubs Report – 2009 AGM

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We currently have 20 Cubs in the pack, which is down slightly on this time last year. As I mentioned this time last year, we have a predominantly young pack, so have not had many moving up to Scouts in the last year; this situation is now changing, but it won’t be until next year that we regularly have lots of Cubs moving up to Scouts.

Having not many Cubs move up to Scouts coupled with our Assistant Cub Scout Leader, Barbara (Chil) suddenly leaving during the summer holiday last year, and also our Young Leader David Ireland going to University, meant that weren’t able to take Beavers when they were due.

We do now have a new Assistant Cub Scout Leader, Suzy, who joined us just before Christmas last year. Her pack name is Baloo; I’m sure I’ll be corrected, but I can’t recall there being a warranted leader called Baloo in 1st Normandy Cubs before! However with just the two uniformed leaders, we do still need to run a parents rota, and around 20 Cubs is the most we can take at the moment. So we are really in need of another uniformed leader, given the amount of interest both from Beavers moving up and from outside the pack.

As of last September we changed the meeting time to 6:30-8:00 on Mondays.

Onto what we’ve been up to over the last year:

Before the summer holidays we entered 2 and a “bit” teams into the District Sports Challenge. We didn’t win the competition, but one team were the Volleyball champions for the day and the other team were the Hockey champions for the day. This means that over the last two years, we’ve won all four of the individual sports. Hopefully at this year’s event, this coming Saturday, we can win the overall title.

Last September we went to the District Camp at Runways End, and had 15 of the Cubs camping. On the Saturday, the Cubs joined up with the Beavers, Scouts and Explorers from the District to take part in a number of activities, such as Air Rifle Shooting, Archery, Pedal Go-Karting, Climbing, Caving and Canoeing. The Sunday saw 10 of our Cubs forming two teams to take part in the District Cooking Competition. Seeing as they’d had no preparation and were just given a recipe and ingredients, they both did very well, although the Boys team produced a Bolognese with some definite Charcoal nuances! I’d like to take this opportunity to again thank Roger Prime and Dave Chambers, who both gave up their weekend to come and help. If they hadn’t been there we couldn’t have camped.

The district handicraft competition this year had the theme of being stranded on a desert island with a “mountain” stream. The challenge was to design and build a model of the island. We entered two teams of 4. The standard of the models was very high, but unfortunately after two years of winning the competition, this year we weren’t triumphant.

However we did triumph this year in the District Quiz. I unfortunately could not make the event, but I heard that our team was a long way in the lead for most of the competition. The only downside to winning the District Quiz, however, is that it’s up to the leaders of the winners to organise the next years quiz!

At the end of last year, the Cubs made Christmas cards and gifts to sell at the Christmas show, as well as the props for their “3 years of Cub Scouting” song. We have continued running Pack and Sixers Forums each term, the most recent of which resulted in the Sixer’s run Paper Aeroplane Challenge evening. At the District St Georges Day parade two of our Cubs with the ADC Cub Scouts, led the Cubs in prayer.

We have recently returned from our May Camp at Bentley Copse. After having a river run through our site last year, we decided to camp at the Nest, which meant we had an indoor kitchen, and also had somewhere dry should it rain. The Cubs and Leaders did camp outside, and for the most part the weather was lovely. I’d like to thank Kevin Riley for transporting all our equipment to and from camp, Nick McEvett (or Bagheera as he’s now known) for helping throughout the camp and the ADC Cub Scouts for once again organising the food. Now our Cubs have a short presentation about what they did on Camp….

Just in closing I would say that as previously mentioned we are on the lookout, as always, for more leaders. On that subject, we are as always very grateful to the parents, who’ve given up their time to help at meetings over the last year.

Beavers Report – May 2009

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The Beavers are thriving and we now have a regular 18 young people attending our very busy colony and about 40 on the waiting list.

We have now got a regular parent helper and have had a good response from the parents with 3/4 parent helpers for the pond dipping and hike activities.

We are still looking for a permanent helper as we would like to extend the Beaver family to 24 young people. A few parents have very kindly offered to take on the Administration work for Kathy and me which is very helpful and much appreciated.

Activities have included a pets evening, animal quiz, sock puppets, a talk from the guide dogs society and meeting a guide dog, pizza/fruit salad making, making sandwiches, smoothies and pancakes, easter egg hunt, nests and eggs and planting sunflower seeds to name a few.

We also have an exciting programme for the rest of the summer term to include; pond dipping, packing a rucsac, knots, presentation from children for their hobbies badge, putting up at tent, hike and a picnic with parents.

Looking forward to a new term and year in September.

Explorers Report – May 2009

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There are 10 Explorers at present and 3 leaders showing a gradual increase that we hope to continue.

The summer term started with the annual camp in the Forest of Dean together with the Scouts and Network. We invited Wood Streets older Scouts so as to introduce them to Explorers in an exciting environment, our aim being to recruit them. This appears to have been a success. The Explorers demonstrated their culinary skills with the help of Jon and Eddie by preparing monster breakfasts for one and all. Canoeing, cycling and climbing were on offer and was undertaken with enthusiasm.

The Explorers are putting into place their plans to gain the Scout Platinum and DOE Bronze awards. Amongst other things this will include helping out in the other sections. There is registration and other cost’s that we aim to meet from unit funds.

K9 is being looked forward to. We have provisional plans for our own day and have funding in place for this from unit funds and by a donation through helping out at the Cathedral.

We are looking forward to our plans for the coming year including:-

  • Young leader training
  • Shooting
  • Over night hikes
  • Survival camp
  • K9 in Switzerland
  • Awesome camp in Wales

Explorers Report – March 2009

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There are 8 Explorers at present and 3 leaders. We have 4 other potential explorers giving us a try at the moment.

Everyone is still full of enthusiasm and it is unusual for any of the Explorers to miss a unit meeting or event.

Techno challenge was undertaken by Scouts and Explorers from the district and a great time was had by all with the noise level going sky high as the day came to a close. The level of driving and reliability of the cars was another matter all together! Our Explorers were very dignified in allowing the scouts to beat them. Well done to Wood Street overall winners. Thanks to Peter for organising.

Our Monopoly challenge was a great success held over a lovely weekend. We were joined by Peter’s old scout group Explorers from East Anglia. They were all let loose in London with a travel card to find and photograph all the sites and features on the Monopoly board. They all got back to Waterloo on time having had a enjoyable and confidence building day out. We all returned to the HQ to spend the night being amused by pictures taken during the day.

We have recently run a base for the District Scout night hike providing a red nose, bomb disposal and a bit of a shock for the Scouts.

Network held a quiz evening for us and we have been experimenting with camera techniques.

We are looking forward to our plans for the coming year including:-

  • Young leader training
  • Over night hikes
  • Survival camp
  • FOD Camp
  • K9 in Switzerland
  • Awesome camp in Wales

Explorers Report – January 2009

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There are 8 Explorers at present having gained a scout from an external group and 3 leaders.

Everyone has enjoyed their Christmas break and came back full of enthusiasm. It is unusual for any of the Explorers to miss a unit meeting or event.

Survival camp was a great success held over a lovely October weekend. They were put in a crash site scenario with the expectation to survive. The Explorers made their own overnight shelters and feasted on pheasant, partridge and orange sponge cooked backwoods style.

Network ran an evening for us including other local units.

We had our annual meal this year at the Harvester in Puttenham and have just been ten pin bowling.

Our plan for the coming year include:-

  • Techno Challenge
  • Youth Leader training
  • Other night hikes including the county challenge
  • Survival Camp
  • London monopoly with a unit from Norwich
  • FOD Camp
  • K9 in Switzerland
  • Awesome Camp in Wales

Explorers Report – October 2008

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At present there are 7 Explorer Scouts and 3 leaders.

We have had a busy summer other than our unit meetings with the Explorers helping out at Scoutabout in June and District camp just last weekend.

Summer camp was full on, starting with cycling to and from camp including an extended ride on the train. Events included Snail racing (Slot car racing), Mountain boarding, Sailing, Canoeing (thanks to Southborne Sea scouts) Swimming, Visit to Portsmouth harbour and submarine. Lots of cycling and hikes including an overnight hike to a remote field as part of there training for the Scout/Duke Of Edinburgh Awards. Sleeping out under the stars after our feast proved a bit wet on the last night. A great time was had by all including the Scouts who had to put up with us.

The autumn term started with Pedal car racing at Blackbush kart track. Taken very seriously by the pros and enjoyed by us in between eating! Camping was a bit damp among the millionaires in Sunninghill though.

We have got rid of any bugs in the hut by opening up the fireplace and having a small fire. There was more smoke in the hut than went up the chimney!

We are gradually working towards the Explorers gaining their main scouting awards linked in with DOE awards within the unit programmes.

The deposit has been paid for the trip to Switzerland in 2009. Peter is organising this trip.

There is a good atmosphere within the unit and it is very unusual for anyone to miss a unit evening or event.

Future plans include a Survival camp, Hill walking in Wales, Techno challenge and of course our end of year meal.

Scouts Report – October 2008

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The Troop had a successful summer camp at Stoughton, just outside of Emsworth, along with the explorer scouts. Although only a small number of Scouts went (five) all had a good time and were able to try sailing as a new activity, mountain boarding, long distance cycling, hiking and canoeing. We had a Scalextric evening and fun day on site. The weather was probably the best week of the summer holidays and really made the week. We have presented cycling and Scout adventure and adventure plus awards to all who came to camp.

We have started back, at the beginning of September, with several new young people joining the troop. We now have 19 scouts plus the twins who are now moving on to the Explorer section.

Nine Scouts went to the District activity camp at runways end and all had a good time. Scott’s team won the district backwoods cooking competition on the Sunday afternoon. Again we were blessed with very god weather for the whole weekend.

We have sent in our returns for the Kandersteg Expedition next summer 8 scouts along with my self intend on going.

We are now moving into a autumn /winter programme with planned activities including making torches for bonfire night, a Chinese cooking evening, night hike and possible swimming trip into spectrum.

Our next planned camping trip will be the County frost camp at Bentley copse on the weekend of the 18th Jan 09

Cubs Report – October 2008

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Currently we have 20 in the pack, with 1 linking to Scouts. There are a number of Beavers waiting to start at Cubs, however it is not known exactly how many (at least 3 due and a couple more later in the term), due to Amanda not having been given the records. Due to the fact that I am now the only Cub leader after Barbara resigned and David went to University, I am not in a position to accept any of the Beavers into the Pack, and have also had to turn away (or rather indicate that a position was not immediately available) at least 3 young people from outside the group.

District Camp -15 camped, 1 attended for the Saturday. I would like to thank Mr Prime and Mr Chambers (or Lofty and Shere Khan as they’re now called) for helping out over the weekend, without them to bring up our leader/young person ratio we couldn’t have camped. I would also like to again thank Mr Pick for transporting our equipment to and from the camp.

The camp as a whole was enjoyed by all, and the “late summer” weather certainly made it quite pleasant. On Saturday the Cubs took part in a number of activities with other Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from the district. Amongst other things the activities included Air Rifle shooting, Archery, Climbing, Go-Karting and Canoeing. On the Sunday 10 of the Cubs took part in a cooking competition – both managed to produce Spaghetti Bolognese and Fruit Salad with minimal assistance – however it has to be said one of the Bolognese dishes did have some heavy charcoal overtones.

This term I have revised the programme to fit in with the new Cub Scout Programme – those Cubs who turn up to every meeting will obtain their Community Challenge, DIY and Emergency Aid stage 2 badges. Thanks to Carole, we will be visiting St Mark’s church before Remembrance Sunday, which will count towards the Cub’s My Faith and Community Challenges. We have also done some of the requirements for the Promise Challenge, on that note next week we will have another Sixers planned/run evening which will involve indoor bivouac building (with bamboo and newspaper).
We are also planning on putting on a Christmas show with the Beavers on the 4th of December, at which each section will put on a show.

Looking further ahead I am planning to camp at Bentley again next year, although this is somewhat dependent upon our Leader situation at that point in time. That said we do have a number of very keen parents, who whilst they can’t due to work assist regularly on a Monday evening, are willing to camp and help out with activities – one father actually enjoyed just pegging out tents!

We have the District Handicraft Competition later this term and will be trying to retain the shield for the third year in a row.