Cub Report – January 2008

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There is not much to report since the last executive meeting, due to the Christmas holidays. We currently have around 19 Cubs in the pack, with 4 moving to Scouts at the end of the month, and another 1-2 at Easter. There are 3 Beavers coming up at the end of the month and around 6 (at the last count) at Easter.

At the last meeting of the term, we had a number of presentations. Firstly the Cubs presented Carole with a large card and two large flower pots (both of which they made themselves) to thank her for her 20 years as Akela. In addition to the winning six getting prizes, the three Cubs who’d done best in the 100 challenge also got prizes – each got a centenary woggle, the third place Cub got a carabina combination torch and compass, the two in joint place got an “adventure” compass. Finally one of the Cubs received their Chief Scouts Silver Award from the ADC. Another Cub has also obtained their Silver Award but they were not present at the meeting.

We also had a very enjoyable visit to see Jack and the Beanstalk at the Yvonne Arnaud. We didn’t get to meet Peter Duncan, despite Chils many efforts – it would have been nice if the Surrey Scouts newsletter had announced the special Scouts days before we booked our tickets! However he did during the show mention all the Scout groups present by name, and also sang Happy Birthday to Akela, alongwith all the other children whose birthday it was!

Onto this year, we’re waiting for the materials for the new programme to become available before planning too much of the years programme, but in the meantime, we’re doing a mix of activities that count towards the altered challenge badges – as Cubs now have to get six (opposed to three) of the seven challenges to get their Chief Scouts Silver award.

In addition to the Be Prepared packs that Chil introduced last term, we’re also going to be having a monthly best Cub award. Each month we’re going to set a challenge based on the programme at the time, which along with behaviour, appearance and attendance will determine who gets the award. As you’ll see on our notice board the Cubs have also drawn up a list of Pack “rules”.