Cubs 100 Challenge

Throughout 2007 the Cubs took part in a sponsored 100 challenge to commemorate 100 years of Scouting. From 2008 onwards we will continue to run a monthly challenge and award a monthly best Cub award.

Below is the list of challenges they undertook:


  1. Found out the name of the Chief Scout
  2. Collected 20 different things that could all fit (at the same time) in a small matchbox.
  3. Drew a chart of the planets in our solar system, in their correct order (from the Sun).
  4. Tried a new vegetable.
  5. Found out the time of the first train on a Monday morning from Guildford to Waterloo.
  6. Made a flag (for an invented country).
  7. Found a picture of the founder of Scouting.
  8. Made a hat.
  9. Found out what year the first Scout Camp was held.
  10. Found out what badge the current Chief Scout would have presented you with in his job in the 1980s.


  1. Designed and named a currency (for an invented country).
  2. Found out what Cubs were called in 1916.
  3. Found out what time the first bus on a friday morning from the Normandy War Memorial to Guildford Bus Station was.
  4. Found out what British coin will commemorate Scouting’s centenary on it’s tail side this year.
  5. Named three countries (other than England) that have hosted a World Scout Jamboree.
  6. Found out what 100 pence was worth in Canadian Dollars, Malaysian Ringgits and Swedish Krona.
  7. Cooked a pancake.
  8. Made a paper aeroplane.
  9. Found out one of the six countries in the world that doesn’t have Scouting.
  10. Found out which European Countries still have a monarchy (and named three of the current monarchs).


  1. Made a map (of an invented country).
  2. Found out which year Scouting started in Kenya, Portugal and Colombia.
  3. Made a small flag to commemorate 100 years of Scouting.
  4. Found out what time post is collected at Guildford sorting office on Sundays and Bank Holidays.
  5. Found out which Patron Saint is celebrated on March 17th (and which country they are patron of).
  6. Found out what the cross on a hot cross bun is a symbol of.
  7. Planted a sunflower.
  8. Made rubbings of the both sides of all currently circulating British coins.
  9. Found out which year 1st Normandy Scout Group was established.
  10. Named three other (current) groups in Guildford West Scout District.


  1. Attend the St Georges Day parade at Guildford Cathedral.
  2. Learn the Cub Scout Law and Promise of other countries.
  3. Using the ordnance survey symbols you learnt making maps for your country, draw a scale map showing how to get from your house to the Scout Hut (including landmarks/notable buildings and surrounding landscape).
  4. Cook a main meal for your family‚ you will need to tell your leader what you cooked and how you cooked it (i.e. write out the recipe)
  5. Make a time capsule collage, on a sheet of paper no larger than A3, of your 100 favourite things. For example: food, games, toys, people, athletes, musicians, scouting activities
  6. Where was St George, the patron saint of England and Scouting, born?
  7. Cub Leaders are named after characters in the Jungle Book. Name the author of the Jungle Book and another book they wrote.
  8. What is the traditional flower of England?
  9. Design a cub scout uniform for your made up country. It must feature a neckerchief and the scouting emblem.
  10. Make an origami paper boat.


  1. Gain a Cub activity badge (or staged activity badge).
  2. Lay a trail for another six to follow.
  3. Pitch a patrol tent.
  4. Keep a record of what you eat, how much exercise you take and how much sleep you get over a period of two weeks‚ and see if there are areas you could improve in.
    This counts towards your Fitness Challenge.
  5. When do either Guildford or Aldershot Lido open this year?
  6. Draw a picture of what you think a Cub camp will look like in 100 years.
  7. Name or take pictures of 2 native flowers and 1 native tree that are in bloom in May. Completing this will count towards your Naturalist badge.
  8. Keep a diary of the species of birds you see in your garden in May. Completing this will count towards your Naturalist badge.
  9. Make a display card of tracking symbols.
  10. Write a short poem about the month of May, beginning with, “I like the month of May…”


  1. Gain an Athletes badge.
  2. Learn how to build a fire and cook on it.
  3. Learn to identify 6 different types of tree from their bark/leaves. (This counts towards your Naturalist badge)
  4. Try out two new sports (this counts towards your fitness challenge)
  5. Find out how many countries will be represented at the World Scout Jamboree this summer.
  6. In his final message, what did Baden Powell wish all Scouts?
  7. Make a”Be Prepared” kit that will fit in a pocket sized box. Examples of what you may include are: a compass, matches, fire lighting materials (e.g. cotton wool/kindling), needle/thread, string and anything else you think would make you prepared to go camping/hiking.
  8. Keep a diary for a week on how you’ve followed your Cub Scout Law, specifically what good turns you did each day.
  9. Find/make a recipe for something that could be cooked in 30 minutes on an open fire.
  10. In 1949, Scouts took part in the first Bob-a-Job week. Find out what Bob-a-Job involved.

September to December

  1. Make a Cub Promise door hanger.
  2. Read five storybooks (this will count towards your Book Readers badge).
  3. Invent a new game that could be played in 10 minutes on a Cub night.
  4. Maintain your Be Prepared folder.
  5. Grow a plant from a bulb.
  6. Read one factual book (this counts towards your Book Readers badge).
  7. Try a new fruit
  8. Which two members of the Royal Family attended the opening ceremony of the World Scout Jamboree this year?
  9. Visit Guildford Firestation
  10. Write out a Fireworks night safety code.
  11. Find out who discovered Penicillin.
  12. Grow a crystal
  13. By yourself gain a Cub activity badge. Remember to discuss with Akela what you’re going to do before starting work on it.
  14. How many Scout districts (like Guildford West) are there in Surrey?
  15. Make your own join the dots picture
  16. Learn how to use a compass.
  17. Find a picture of an old cub uniform.
  18. Find out about another Country that celebrates Christmas differently to the UK
  19. Build a shelter for your six from newspaper, sticky tape and bamboo sticks.
  20. Find out the postcode for The Scout Association at Gilwell Park.
  21. Make scones, small cakes, biscuits or tarts and bring them to a Cub meeting. (This counts towards your chefs badge)
  22. Gain your scientists badge.
  23. Find a picture of the 21st World Scout Jamboree.
  24. In which year did the first Jamboree-on-the-Air take place?
  25. Visit a library (this will count towards your Book Readers badge)
  26. What activities do you think Cubs will be doing in 100 years time?
  27. Make a display card of three different knots.
  28. Make a musical instrument
  29. Write down the name of each road you have to go along to get from your home to the Scout Hut.
  30. Attend the Remembrance day parade at Wyke Church.
  31. Make up a limerick about Cubs.
  32. Gain your home safety badge (by completing the activity sheet you started last term).
  33. Baden Powell was educated at which local school?
  34. Find out the web address of Cub Island
  35. Find an aerial photograph of where you live.
  36. Make a Christmas Gift/Decoration.
  37. Which worldwide Scouting event takes place on October 20th?
  38. Name 10 different characters from the Jungle Book.
  39. The two wooden beads on a leaders Wood Badge represent what?
  40. Write and/or draw pictures of things that you’ve enjoyed at Cubs this year.