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2009 Executive Committee Chairman’s Report

How quickly a year goes by- a successful year for our Group in terms of increased numbers in all the sections. As an ex-Beaver Leader I’m especially pleased to hear the Beavers are doing so well under Amanda’s leadership as the Beavers are the real basis for all the other sections. With regard to social […]

2009 Group Scout Leaders Report

All the sections have continued to provide a range of activities through out the year… The Beaver section struggled at the beginning of the year while we tied to find a new leader, my thanks to the ADC Beavers for support during this time. Thankfully by July Amanda had volunteered / been persuaded to take […]

Scouts Report – 2009 AGM

We have continued to provide a varied activity programme throughout the year for the Scouts including, canoeing, caving, climbing, sailing, tree planting, camping, hiking, fun and games, and Scout skills training. We joined Scouts from all over Surrey for Scoutabout in June, an activity camp for 3000 based at Ardingly show ground. We had our […]

Cubs Report – 2009 AGM

We currently have 20 Cubs in the pack, which is down slightly on this time last year. As I mentioned this time last year, we have a predominantly young pack, so have not had many moving up to Scouts in the last year; this situation is now changing, but it won’t be until next year […]